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GracefulHosting is a privately owned company founded on low prices and great services. We do what we do because we love what we do. We know web hosting and we know e-commerce. We've spent thousands of hours and thousands of dollars building our company up to what it is today.

We are on the prowl for the best employees out there. We want people who care about our clients, our image, and their job. We take great pride in our business and clients and we won't even consider hiring anyone who doesn't live up to the same.

Employee Benefits

  • Paid Training- We want our staff to know exactly what they are talking about when it comes to our software and the web hosting industry. For that reason we gladly provide training (it won't cost you a dime; we'll actually pay YOU.)
  • Free Hosting- and no, this isn't optional. We require all staff to have at least one store that they maintain and log into often. We want someone who knows our software. You can apply if you don't currently have an account with us but if we hire you, you'll need to come up with some reason to have a website.
  • Vacations- Sorry, they aren't paid, but you are free to take off as much time as you need within reason.
  • Flexible Hours- You work when you want to. We simply require that you 'support the program' which simply means you do what is require to keep the company rolling along smoothly. 
  • A Peek Mobile Email Device- We want to be connected to our employees at all times! Therefore, we gladly provide you with a company issued Peek mobile email device. The Peek supports five email addresses. We require that one of those five is your company email address. Other than that, you can have as much personal email on it as you'd like.
  • Enjoyment- We want our employees happy. Therefore we will strive to keep them that way. Aside from that, you get the enjoyment of knowing you are helping small business from around the world get the web presence they need and want.

You will be like family to us; like part-owners of GracefulHosting. Therefore, we will treat you like such!

Employee Requirements

  • Native English- Employees are required to be able to fluently speak and type/write English.
  • Manners- We want employees that know how to treat people. Therefore, we require excellent email and phone manners.
  • Dependable- We NEED employees that are dependable. If we have a server meltdown at 1:00 AM, we need to know we have people to call on for assistance.
  • Computer and Internet Skills- We are an Internet based business and therefore computer and Internet skills are necessary for your success with our company.
  • Able to Work Remotely- All positions are remote (you work from home.) This allows us to gather the best employees from across the nation without having to move people around. Since these positions are remote you must have 24/7 access to a computer that you own and an Internet connection that is always connected.
  • Location- While these positions are remote, we require all employees be legal United States residents.
  • Agreement to our TOS- Yes, we understand you may not be a paying customer of ours. However, the same things we expect from our clients, we expect from our employees (and more.) Therefore, all employees must agree to our Terms of Service.
  • Legal Documents- We require all employees consent to background checks. Employees must also sign a contract that includes clauses from an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) and an NCA (non-compete agreement.) 

Whew! That sure seems like a lot but it really isn't once you get right down to the details. These are the main requirements. Beyond these requirements we have preferred skills based on which position you apply for. However, the preferred skills shouldn't deter you from sending your resume.


We are an equal opportunity employer. 

How to Apply

To apply for any of the following positions or to learn more about any of them, please send your resume and cover letter to support@gracefulhosting.com. Selected applicants will be contacted with additional details and a tentative interview time. If all goes well you will be provided with an application and we will begin our background check. Please do not contact us to check on your application's status. We will contact you if you are selected for further consideration.

Available Positions

Sales Representative-SR (2 Postions)

Postion Type:
  (2) Full Time/Part Time Positions

(2) Work at your own pace

  Sales representatives are responsible for increasing business and handle sales questions. SR positions will have commission based remuneration. Our commission is tiered (details below.) SRs will handle the sales section of our live support system and will receive commission from all sales generated there. SRs will also be setup in our affiliate system to receive their appropriate commission and can use their affiliate link to promote our business and services. Promotion (aside from through our live support system) can include forum posting, mass e-mail marketing, paid advertising, or word of mouth. All promotion will be done at SRs' cost (unless we offer to cover such promotion.) All promotional plans must be approved through us and our Public Relations and Marketing manager. SRs must provide at least two referrals per month to keep their status.

Preferred Skills:
Sales Experience
Customer Service Experience
High School Diploma or GED

  Pay for the Sale Representative position is commission based. We offer a tiered commission plan for SRs. All commission is recurring. Commission rate is not retroactive and will can fluctuate from month to month. Commission rate will be evaluated on the 1st of every month.
0-1 Sales Per Month-15%
2-10 Sales Per Month- 25%
11-25 Sales Per Month-30%
26-50 Sales Per Month-35%
51-75 Sales Per Month-40%
76+ Sales Per Month-50%


Customer Service Representative-CSR (2 Postions)

Position Type:
(2) Full Time Positions
(1) Part Time Position Filled

(1)- M|W|F 8:00AM-5:00PM CST. Additional hours may be requested.
(1)- M|T|Th 8:00AM-5:00PM CST. Additional hours may be requested.
(1)-Part Time (as needed.) Filled

  Customer Service Representatives will handle support, sales, and billing requests from our clients and potential clients. Requests may be made via our support system, live support, forum posts (on forums across the Internet), phone calls, or other means. CSRs will also be responsible for keeping up appearances on forums where our services may be discussed. They may be requested to post sales on forums and other venues. CSRs other responsibilities will include monitoring client websites for unauthorized activity (hacking, spam, phishing, etc.) Other duties may be assigned from time to time which may include transferring products, website maintenance, etc.

Preferred Skills:
HTML Knowledge
Sales Experience
Custom Service Experience
High School Diploma or GED

Remuneration is commensurate with experience. Initial remuneration may be incident based until we are certain you have the experience we require.



Public Relations and Marketing-PRM (1 Postion)

Position Type:
(1) Part Time Position

(1) Work at your own pace

  The position of PRM can be filled by individual or by a firm. If application is coming from a firm, include your bid per hour and an estimated number of hours you'd need to put in per month to accomplish our goals. An ideal PRM will handle the marketing of our company. They would do graphic design for press releases, advertising banners, etc as well as prepare the information on the graphic design that they do. A PRM would also handle SEO. The hired individual or company would work with our SRs and CSRs on sales and strategy.

Preferred Skills:
College Degree in Marketing or Related Field
Graphic Design Knowledge
Advertising Experience

  Remuneration is commensurate with experience. We are prepared to pay up to $30 per hour depending on the individual and their plans for our company.




Programmer-PG (1 Postion)

Position Type:
(1) Part Time Position

(1) Part Time (as needed.) As we have projects come up we contact you and schedule time for you to work. In the past we have paid per hour for the first project and then for future projects we buys 'blocks' of time and use them as needed.

An ideal PG for our company would be a driven person who take pride in coding and application design. When we have projects our goal is to get the task accomplished as quickly as possible while still receiving quality work.

Preferred Skills:
E-Commerce experience
Experience using CodebaseHQ
Basic WHMCS knowledge
Communication Skills

  Remuneration is commensurate with experience. Typically paid per hour based on quotes provided by you. 



If there are no positions listed above then we currently have no openings. However, feel free to submit your
resume and cover letter anyhow. We can never be certain when a position could open up.